Thursday, August 21, 2014

BlackHat Talk and Railo Shoutout

Haven't really talked about it much here but recently finished up some research and my BlackHat USA 2014 presentation titled "Mobile Device Mismanagement" -

Unfortunately we couldn't release much technical detail which isn't my normal style - some vendors have been quite slow to patch and some of the issues are very serious (i.e. pre-authentication RCE on a system that appears to be storing everyone's domain credentials in plaintext).

Overall the MDM stuff has been pretty interesting. The attack vectors are very realistic because these are systems that can not be firewalled off from the Internet, yet they expose some pretty sensitive functionality.

Also a shout out and reference to some work I've done with drone on vulnerabilities and some exploits we've whipped up for the Railo framework (an opensource implementation of ColdFusion).

It's a bit of a mess, actually surprisingly bad when it comes to security. Drone's done a good job with the details so I'm just going to leave this here:

Look forward to part 3 - it's going to be good.

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